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Exclusive interview

From paperboard cartons to flexible packaging, a legacy of 30 years. Hear it from our MD Mr. Saket Kanoria, Executive Director Mr. Akshay Kanoria and Mr. Vidur Kanoria in an exclusive interview with Ms. Nidhi Verma.

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DBS Bank India Limited congratulate TCPL Packaging Ltd

DBS Bank India Limited congratulate TCPL Packaging Ltd as a company for rising to the challenge and contributing to the wellbeing of the India country during COVID-19 stressful times, stronger together.

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A protective face shield

TCPL has developed a protective face shield to use against spread of Corona virus. This is designed and developed in house by our team. It is very useful for front line health workers, and public at large. It is very light in weight and easy to carry as can be kept in flat form when not in use.

The face shield was presented to District Magistrate, Haridwar by our Factory Head, Mr.L.K.Vijayavargiya. He has appreciated and liked this and has advised that the same will be used for protection of frontline warriors of Covid-19.

SIES SOP Star Awards 2019

In February 2020, at the annual award ceremony of SIES SOP Star Awards 2019 for Excellence in Printing, organised by SIES School of Packaging, TCPL won several awards under Carton and flexible packaging categories for the following cartons / flexible packaging material :

Folding carton category

1.Rhinocobal 250 mg spray
2.Goldmedal 1m air Plate Paytm Outer
3.Ghyoom Eau De Perfume 100 ml
4.Blenders Pride Reserve Collection 750 ml

Flexible packaging category

1.Fair & Handsome Fairness Cream 8 gm flow wrap
2.Four Square Crush Purple-Cork Tipping paper
3.Spicy Chicken Masala 100 gms

IFCA Star Awards 2019

TCPL also won several awards for its entries at IFCA Star Awards 2019, organised by The Indian Flexible Packaging & Folding Carton Manufacturers Association (IFCA) in February 2020 under Best Branding, R&D Achievement and Innovation / Creativity categories. Names of the SKU’s which won the awards are as given below :

1.Amrit Kalash 600 gm paste + 60 tablets
2.Blenders Pride Reserve Collection 750 ml
3.Ghyoom Eau De Perfume 100 ml
4.Naso 12
5.Aqua Soft Soap
6.Spicy Chicken Masala 100 gms

Samyut Award

Marico has an annual event called “Samyut” where their vendors are given reward & recognition. In February 2020, TCPL was also recognised and awarded at this event, under category “Opportunity Seeking” for providing sustainability & cost reduction ideas in mono carton category.

TCPL creates iconic retail packaging: a case study

Akshay Kanoria of TCPL and Maneesh Sharma of Future Consumer discuss a case study of packaging for Voom washing machine powder and how TCPL and Future Consumer (FCL) came together to create a unique identity for the home care brand. Words Noel D’Cunha and Dinesh Ingawale. Voom Brand has been recently launched by Future Consumer Limited in fabric care detergent category including catering to machine-wash segment.

National Awards for Excellence in Printing 2020

In January 2020, TCPL received a trophy at the 14th National Awards for Excellence in Printing 2020 organized by All India Federation of Master Printers for Baba Nauratan Pan Masala pack. The pack is a 3 layer structure with registered Soft touch effect on top. The composition of this laminate is Foil/Paper/Foil/ HSL. At the same award function, TCPL also received commendation certificate for Colgate Visible White 100 gm+100 gm pack. The carton is printed on Met Pet laminated board with special registered lens effect to make the carton look different from others. The shiny Gloss UV adds to the glitter. The nature of design and the lens effect adds to the overall aesthetic look of the carton.

SIES Star Award for LUX Cartons

During the Inaugural SIES Star Award Ceremony held in Mumbai in November 2017, TCPL was awarded for the category ‘Innovation/Creativity/Development’ for its work with Unilever India Ltd ‘Lux Cartons’ product.