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TCPL began with servicing customers in the tobacco industry and continues to work closely with leading global tobacco companies to create blanks and outers.
We are a regular supplier to Philip- Morris and BAT associated companies in India. We also export blanks and outers to international customers.


TCPL caters to Indian and global liquor companies for their packaging requirements that include folding cartons and fluted cartons. TCPL also works with its customers to create customized packaging for special occasions and festivals.

Food & Beverage

TCPL is a key provider of packaging for customers in the Food & Beverage Industry in India and around the world. TCPL is also audited and approved in line with global food safety standards for packaging to ensure a high quality product is delivered to customers in this fast growing Industry.


TCPL works closely with customers in the FMCG industry to deliver a wide range of products across the country and around the world. TCPL is a key provider of packaging for leading global companies and works closely to create innovative packaging solutions.


TCPL works with leading pharmaceuticals companies to provide packaging that meets the industry strict and high quality requirements and delivery timelines. TCPL is equipped to create packaging to meet the specific industry needs.

Agrochemicals, electricals & others

TCPL works with customers in multiple other industry segments that include airlines, electricals, and stationery. TCPL’s design team works to create innovative solutions for its customers so as to raise the profile of their packaging.