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Measures / Best Practices Adopted by TCPL Packaging Ltd to combat COVID -19 outbreak

In the light of the rapid spread of corona virus, we are constantly monitoring the situation, following applicable government directives and ensuring regular communication with our employees across the country. We are also interacting with our domestic and export customers to update them with developments on a regular basis. We have put in place several measures in order to combat the Covid-19 outbreak at our offices and factories as detailed below :

  • Complete travel restrictions for both domestic & international for all staff members.
  • During the current lockdown of three weeks as advised by Government of India, to ensure business process continuity and safety of employees, we have advised work from home to most of our employees, where applicable. We have also implemented some software and technology solutions to support the employees to manage their work from home.
  • In order to support the supply chains of some of our customers supplying essential items, some of our factories have been partially operations after obtaining necessary permissions from local authorities. We are taking all precautionary measures and following guidelines to ensure safety and security of our employees who are reporting to work at these factories as detailed below :

    • Thermal Screening / Temperature scan using hand held device has been made mandatory at the entry gates in all our premises for all visitors / employees. Anyone with a fever is not allowed to enter the premises.
    • Use of Hand sanitiser has been made mandatory for every visitor and employee before entering our facilities in offices and factory premises.
    • All employees and contract workers have been cautioned and sensitised to keep at least one meter distance from one another at all times to ensure social distancing guidelines.
    • Awareness to employees and security guards about the various do’s and don’ts and measures to be taken to avoid infection from spreading is being given on a regular basis through personal interaction. Graphical posters showing various Do’s and Don’ts to ensure prevention of Covid-19 have been displayed at prominent places at all offices / factories including notice boards.
    • In addition to the above, we are also taking utmost care by increasing the frequency of cleaning Shop Floor, Washrooms, Entry Points & Door Handles etc.
    • Sanitization of all company vehicles used for transportation of incoming and outgoing goods is being carried out regularly.