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New Additions to TCPL Packaging Ltd’s Board of Directors

We are delighted to announce the recent induction of esteemed Independent Directors to the Board at TCPL Packaging Ltd. These distinguished individuals bring a wealth of experience and expertise, enriching our corporate governance and strategic leadership:

Dr. Andreas Blaschke 

Dr. Andreas Blaschke, with over three decades of leadership in a prominent European Packaging Company, holds a Doctor of Laws from the University of Vienna and a Master of Business Studies from the Vienna University of Business Administration & Economics. His extensive experience and insights promise to shape our strategic direction.Mr. Sanjiv Anand

A globally recognized strategy expert and Chairman of Cedar, a Forbes-ranked global consulting firm, Mr. Sanjiv Anand has more than 35 years of experience advising Boards, CEOs, and leadership teams in transformative strategies, particularly within the packaging sector.Mr. Tarang Jain

Chairman and Managing Director of Varroc Engineering Limited, Mr Tarang Jain joins our Board as an Independent Director. His leadership spanning over 35 years has steered Varroc into a global tier-1 automotive component group. Mr. Jain’s commitment to integrity and corporate social responsibility resonates with our values at TCPL.

These esteemed Independent Directors are poised to significantly enhance our corporate governance, risk management, and decision-making processes. Their diverse expertise and invaluable insights will fortify our commitment to excellence and innovation within the packaging industry.We extend our warmest welcome to these exceptional individuals and look forward to their significant contributions to our journey ahead at TCPL Packaging Ltd. “